Mr Albert helps you file GST with zero hassle 

So hands free, that it works like clockwork. 

Best suited for:





Does this apply to you?

  • You work for yourself
  • You are focused on growing your business
  • You really don’t want to get into the details of GST filing
  • But you want to be GST compliant
  • You don’t like following up with others
  • You hate being interrupted by others in the middle of your work

If yes, then this GST filing service is made just for you.


We integrate with the following tools

    • Zoho invoice
    • Shopify (coming soon)
    • Dropbox

We can also login to various portals and collect invoices on your behalf. 


No more interrupting you for OTP

    • Working towards a deadline? Travelling internationally or on the road? Or just no internet access. No worries! Your filing will happen irrespective of your availability
    • Creative people hate being interrupted when they are in the flow and we don’t want to change that
    • Setup auto forwarding and the agent will get the otp in her/his activity feed 
    • We don’t need to call you for the OTP
    • Like we said, no more interruptions


Accurate and exhaustive filing

        • We don’t do a lot of things
        • We do few things well, for a lot of people
        • We are a process oriented team assisted by software 
        • This means we make less mistakes
        • You are less likely to get a notice from GST portal
        • You will have the peace of mind that things are done according to the law

What we do for you

We take the ownership of filing your GST properly. This means we will perform the following activities for you. 

Collect invoices from you

At the end of a month, we collect all your invoices – both income invoices and expense invoices. We add them to the tracker. 

Prepare your GSTR 1

This filing is for declaring your income and how much tax you collected from your clients. Consultants typically do this quarterly 

GSTR2A reconsiliation

We compare the invoices that you submitted to the ones present in the GST portal.

Follow up with you for missing invoices

Sometimes GSTR2A might contain invoices that you have not submitted yet. We get in touch with you to verify the legitimacy of it and to collect copy of invoice if you have any. 

Prepare your GSTR 3B

Identify how much tax you collected, identify input credits you can claim, identify how much tax to pay to government etc. 

Keep track of your vendors who have not submitted invoices to GST portal

In order for you to claim input tax credits, your vendor needs to submit their sales invoices to GST portal. When they do that it will show up in your GSTR 2A. Only then can you claim input credits. Sometimes people cheat and you cant claim input credits. 

Access your filing details using the app

"What I like about Mr Albert is that the team is extremely process driven and proactive. "

– Akash

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