Most services companies when they start up, they are very proactive.

Once they build a name for themselves, and increase their scale it becomes practically difficult for them to maintain their pro-activeness.

We build this services because as small business, there is limits to how much I can follow up with services that I pay for. I already how to follow up with my product team, engineering team, sales team marketing team. I dont want to follow up with the accountant. With Mr Albert we are building a solution that I wish I had. One of the main thing that I wanted was the team that I hire should own the process and be proactive. When that team is proactive, then I can be reactive and have one less thing to worry about.

For Mr Albert, proactiveness is a core value and we want to retain that even as we scale up. Here is how we think we will be able to do that

  • We have a narrow product
  • We are good with software. Software will help our team be proactive and will help us catch errors before it comes to you.
  • We are process driven. – We are primarily introverts. We are also perfectionists. We derive job from seeing something work perfectly to the dot. What we cant automate with software we minimise randomness with resiliant process.

All that nonsense. Cool. what exactly are we going to be proactive with?

Every month, end of the month, we will gently send out a mail to you to collect all invoices and send it over to us. By 5th of the month, if you still have not submitted anything, your agent will contact. you.